Reach Your Audience On Facebook, Like Never Before

No matter what the objective, User Friendly Media’s best-practice driven approach to Facebook Advertising ensures we’ll drive relevant outcomes for your business.


Find out how much more effective your Facebook Ads can be with reach & frequency guarantees, from User Friendly Media.

Available in the United States & Canada

Facebook: Too Big To Ignore.


There are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users


In the U.S. there are over 192 million monthly active Facebook users 


In 2016, mobile traffic on Facebook increased 23% over the previous year.


Five new profiles are created every second.  The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially.


42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.

Ad Type Options for Any Business

Lead Ad

Capture Leads directly from your ad on Facebook

Brand Awareness

Buy a set number of ad impressions to build brand awareness for your company

Social Reach

Build an ad campaign that is served multiple times to a specific set of users targeted for your business.

Social Reach

A Well Known Concept, Applied to Facebook Advertising

Guaranteed Reach
& Frequency

Reach & frequency performance

with 'Boost Post' or with 'Ads Manager'



Facebook Ads Manager and Boost Post will NOT give you the ability to control ad frequency. This feature is ONLY available with Facebook Advertising from User Friendly Media and its partners.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads make it easier than ever for customers to show interest in your company or product. Every Facebook Lead Ad includes:

  • Contact forms filled in directly from your ad, making it easier than ever for customers to respond to you.
  • Customize questions and fields on your form and get the exact right information for you to take next steps to conversion.
  • Leads are easily downloaded for use in MailChimp, Salesforce, or whichever CRM your company uses.
  • Retargeting packages available with most Lead Ad campaigns

Facebook Brand Awareness Ads

Facebook is the world's most popular social network, so naturally it's the perfect place to drive awareness for your product or business. With packages built for any size business, we can help you can drive traffic to your website or encourage people to visit your store.

  • You choose the amount of ad impressions you want, we handle the rest.
  • Ads appear in users' News Feed alongside their regular content.
  • Retargeting packages available with most Brand Awareness campaigns.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting is available with any Facebook Lead Ad or Brand Awareness Campaign

Step 1

A mobile user clicks on your User Friendly Media banner ad campaign or visits your business’s website or landing page.

Step 2

The next time the user visits Facebook, User Friendly Media will recognize that user’s device and serve your ad to them again in their Mobile News Feed.


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